My Speech for Being Honored

Family Child Care Provider of the Year 2000


Medina County

I am truly honored to be the recipient of such a prestigous award. This award has been a dream & goal of mine since 1991.

I'd also like to thank CAEYC for putting together banquets like this one and recognizing Family Child Care professionals are Early Childhood Educators helping children of our future to develop and grow in all developmental areas.

Next I'd like to thank Teresa Moe for being there for all the provider's and supporting and guiding us every step of the way.

I'd like to thank my fellow childcare providers who have been close to me professionally and personally over the years and for being very supportive.

I'm very proud to say in my 8.5 years as a Family Child Care Provider I've helped and support 4 friends start their own family child care business. Karen Krantz (who's here tonight), Biba Bell, Edith Mausser (who was also a past recipient of this prestigous award) and Cindy Oleksik.

Last year I adventured into a 9 month CDA program in Canton, OH. My instructors were Leslie Deem and Inta Lewis. There two instructors gave me so much information and helped me grow further in the child care field. This was the first time they offered this program and they were fabulous. I'd also like to thank Barbara Bos who was my CDA Advisor. This year I'm in the process of getting my CDA certificate.

I want to thank my wonderful husband Paul (who's here tonight) who gave me the idea to begin my business, unending support and a lot of help to start BABES & TOTS Home Day Care on September 9, 1991. Thank you Paul for giving me the opportunity to have a business where I can be at home to raise our child and soon children. You see Paul and I are fulfilling another dream this year - we're adopting a baby girl from Russia.

I want to thank my son Nikolaus (who's here tonight) for sharing his mommy and toys with all of the children I've watched over the years and enjoyed the children's presence as much as I have.

I want to thank Monika Gross and my mother Maria (who's here tonight) who've been a wonderful plus to my business. They have helped me more times than I can say. My mom's been there for me whenever I needed her to watch not only my son (her grandson) but also my day care children. Without my mom's help I wouldn't of made it to most of my appointments.

I want to thank my past and present daycare families who've enrolled in my program. (When I say past I also mean families that didn't work out- because without these families I wouldn't of known how to strengthen my business skills and learn to deal with problems.

As a professional family child care provider I along with fellow pro-viders get discouraged when we hear people refer to us as a "baby-sitter". WE ARE NOT A BABYSITTER. We have to educate others by telling them that a family child care provider is a self-employed business person who has many responsibilities: caring for children, dealing with parents, managing a business, helping supplement our family's income and caring for our own family. We are caring for children of different ages at the same time on a day to day basis over a long period of time. Also, we continue our growth in learning by taking child care related classes. This is why we can not be compared to a babysitter.

I'd like to thank GOD for giving me the patience, strength and chall-enges to make it through everyday.

Never let anyone tell you - you can't make your dreams come true - because they only happen if you set a goal and try.

In closing - I'd like to share with you: No man was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.

Thank you all again for honoring me with this prestigious award.


When Provider's come together at meetings we combine our strengths, talents and education as a group, we can build a strong foundation for families looking for QUALITY child care. A quote I once read, so true!

No man was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.